Library Programs

Summer Reading and Beyond!

library show

I offer a number of different programs just for your libraries!  In addition to the programs themselves, I also provide do my finance homework buy cialis generic acheter viagra lille viagra and pad viagra wikipedia shqip viagra in durban MED A TABS buy viagra no prepcription kamagra gold uk proofreading drafts write my english paper write my english paper avodart medicamento para que sirve proofreading for publishing companies go to site follow url go natural viagra recipe follow link levaquin canadian pharmacy get link write my essay for me uk watch enter site buy diplomatic title sildenafil generika rezeptfrei promotional materials leading up to the event and services during the event to help promote the library.

library showPromotional Materials:

    • Three 8.5×11 inch posts you can fill in and hand strategically around the library.

      Photos AND a short description of the show that will be added to your portal page which you can add to your own promotional materials and upload to your website.

  • The Date is the day of the event, Time is the time of the event, and Location is where in the library you will be hosting the show.

Promoting The Library:

During the show, I will offer the parents Magic Castle Guest Passes if they follow your library on social media.  If you do not have social media, I will ask them to “check-in” to the library on Facebook so their friends can see what they missed by not attending the show.  And if they don’t have social media, at least check out a book or sign their kids up for your Summer Reading Program.  This is only a suggestion.  I am happy to use my Magic Castle Membership in any way you like.  It’s all about getting making your community happy and helping the library.

Promoting Book Checkout:

During the show, I will use books from your library as a reference.  After the show, I will stay and sign autographs for the kids and get them to check out the books I used during the show.

Shows for 2019

The theme is Reading Takes You Everywhere.

Each show is 45-minutes long.  All but one can be performed outside.

    • California History Magic Show:  Explore the magic of California, from its rich history to its vast regions!  Not only does it fit into the CDE’s Curriculum framework, but it is also just a ton of fun!  We cover everything from California’s wildlife, the Gold Rush, and even the State Flag.  There is so much packed into this 45-minute adventure!

    • Behind The Scenes Magic Show:   This show was designed for the 2019 “Showtime” theme.  In it, I take the kids on a journey behind the scenes of show to perform a magic show!  Together with the kids, we improvise scripts and create new routines.  Some of the kids will even get to perform the trick themselves with me as their assistant!

    • Adventure Magic Show:  This is the only show that adheres to this year’s theme.  I present magic from around the world!  Each magic trick performed actually has its origins in a certain country.  For example: the first trick is the “cups and balls” which has its origins in Egypt.  I show the kids the hieroglyphics in a book and then magically make the trick appear from the book!

    • Science of Magic:  I show the kids how magicians use science to perform magic tricks with optical illusions and then share the difference between magic and science.  I have a fun little game to help them understand the scientific method.  This show is also hands on.  The kids get to make their own magic trick.

    • Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Balloon Show:  (Balloon Show) A very unique experience where kids participate in storytelling adventure and fairytales with balloons at costumes pieces, set pieces, and props.  Each story is centered around not judging others without getting to know them first.  This is the only show that must be performed indoors.

    • Just for Fun Show:  This show is exactly how it sounds.  It’s just for fun.

    I also offer fun shows for holidays like Christmas, Halloween and a General Winter Holiday show where I present magic from all of the major winter holidays.

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